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Tamiya 1:48th Foke Wulf Fw-190D 9 (JV 44)

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Tamiya 1:48th Foke Wulf Fw-190D 9 (JV 44)
Another great fall together Tamiya kit done in the colorful JV44 groupe scheme with Model Master and Gunze Aqueous paints...the pin stripes are painted on, but the kit dose provide decals for the stripes 12345
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really nice build

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Staggering mate
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dang! that looks good!
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looks good


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nice one mate. this si going to be my next build, with the hasegawa 1/32 fw-190 d-9

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Håkan Ekberg
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Lovely Fw190! Well done Mac! The paint and mottling looks great! Cheers, Håkan
bill cabrera
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Nice, very nice
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Great work there Big Mac!

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