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Airfix 1:72 Folland Gnat Review


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The Folland Gnat was a small, swept-wing British subsonic jet trainer and light fighter aircraft developed by Folland Aircraft for the Royal Air Force, and flown extensively by the Indian Air Force.

The Gnat was designed by W.E.W. Petter as a development of the private venture Folland Midge and first flew in 1955. Its design allowed its construction without specialised tools by countries not highly industrialised. Although never used as a fighter by the Royal Air Force (RAF), the Gnat T.1 trainer variant was widely used. The Gnat became well known as the aircraft of the RAF's Red Arrows aerobatic team.

The kit comes in Airfix's standard end opening box with the colour paint guide printed on the reverse side. In the box you get two sprues of parts, One clear sprue for canopy, one decal sheet that allows you to produce XP530 from Central Flying School at RAF Little Rissington in 1964 and one sheet of standard picture only instructions. The kit has a RRP of £5.99 but can be found for less with a bit of hunting around.

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